Way to the happiness. You can be the happiest person today right now!

Imagine, if you have everything you need there right now.

Imagine, everything you need to give you happiness is right there with you.

Close your eyes and just imagine.

Because it is true.

We, people make ourselves

Eastern Medicine

As I am born and raised in Japan, I strongly believe in Eastern Medicine.

Most of the hospitals all over the world is based on “Western Medicine”, such as the most common hospitals and Dr’s offices you visit when you feel sick. Doctors will examine you and will prescribe you the medicines.

If you have some illness, they may suggest you to have surgery that will cost whole a lot of money, or make you soak with the medicines that is very strong chemical.

Yes, they may cure some illness, they may not. Western medicine is based on getting lid of the symptoms and discomfort when you feel ill. Not really focusing on curing totally or preventing. When they give people surgery, people feel better sooner and they feel like they are cured. But depending on what type of illness you have, many people end up going back to the Dr. again for something similar.

In my experience of Hospital in Japan and Hospital in America, there are major differences. First, COST. American medical bills are so high even with insurance, it is expensive! And if you do not have insurance, you are basically stay sick or injured. Japanese hospitals are much cheaper and we have much better medical insurance system in Japan so we all can be covered with medical insurance with less cost.

Next is medicines. There are so many medicines available in the U.S. is illegal in Japan because many medicines in the U.S. is considered too strong and can be harmful. My son is born with Athma and he was born in the U.S. Since he was very small, he was given inhaler. So every time he has athma attack, I gave him inhaler. When I went to Japan with him one day, he had athma attack and I did not have inhaler with me. So I took him to the hospital in Japan(with out insurance), when I told Japanese Dr. I normally give him inhaler, he was very surprised and told me “Oh No way, we give little children inhaler. That is too strong for the small children and it is illegal”. I was very surprised to hear that and shocked. They gave him breathing treatment and prescribe the patch to prevent Athma attack. I have never seen that patch in the U.S. U.S. Dr. give him Shots and medicines. Also, visiting Japanese hospital without insurance, for everything, it cost me only $70. WOW, when U.S. hospitals can easily cost over $300 or more.

Also, I realize Japanese Dr. do not easily give you medicine. When U.S. Dr. ALWAYS give you medicine.

I have never left the hospital without prescription. No matter how minor it is, they will ALWAYS give you prescription medicines.

I have heard that medical system in the U.S. is truly based on the money the health care companies make. Not curing the patients. More medicine they sell, more money they can make. They do not want to totally cure people, they want people to stay unhealthy so people will come back to the hospitals to spend more money on medicines and medical bills. After learning about the system and difference between medical systems here and Japan, It makes senses to me.

Often western medicine helps people sooner. But they hardly focus on prevention and curing. When eastern medicine will focus on prevention that will lead to the cure. Most of the illness we commonly get come from our life style, food we eat and environment. If we eat healthy, have a healthy life style with less stress, surrounded by the beautiful healing nature, we can prevent so much illness.

Some people are hooked on medicines. Headache=Medicine! Stomachache=Medicine! Depressed=Medicine! Anything unusual=Medicine! Most of the medicines are the pure chemicals that is so unnatural to our body and always comes with all kinds of side effect and some of them seems deadly. So instead of always taking medicines, why not think of “What is the source of this symptoms?” It could be stress, it could be the diet, it could be the relationship with others… so on. People should more focus on the source of illness or pain. Not just to feel better at the moment spending lots of money.

Natural, Alternative way for the health you can do regularly is…:



Do what you really love

Always take a moment to rest and relax

Eat healthy

Fresh Vegetable and fruit juicing

Avoid prepared food product

Sleep at least 8 hours a day

Qi Gong

Hiking or spend some time in Nature.

So many more but I can’t think of it right now.

Please think, we all should live healthy in natural way.

Health does not come from medicines, Health come from our own body and nature.

Our body has very powerful healing power when we live the life style to let that power work in our body.

Taking most of the medicines is not going to cure you, it only make your symptoms go away or cure you temporally but not totally.

Believe in our own power and strength we have in our own body naturally!

Cheers to our health!!