Presidential Election. Conventions and the future America.

I am not political at all.(it does not mean I do not care about the country). I live in United States but I am an immigrant from Japan.

I am born and raised in Japan and I came to this country when I was 17 years old as an exchange student.

I have been living in this country for over 15 years now.


I love America.

I love Japan, my home.


Right now, there is presidential election war going on toward November. I heard Romney and Obama speaking. And there were so many more amazing speeches by other people as well.

I have no right to vote,  Because I am Japanese citizen.

But I love this country with all my heart. That is why I live here and had my son here. As I am international person, I have much of international view about this country. There are so many things that can be corrected. There are so many great things that no other country in the world have. Every country is the same way. It is just like no person is perfect, no country is perfect. Existence of Ying and Yang. It is the universal law.


I truly wish the best for America.


Equality every way, Harmony, Peace, Happiness, Health, Rights, Great Education, Taxes, health care, and costs that make senses to people, Best for the future generations, Special care for the  Environment and the Earth, Good leadership to have great foreign relationship, Equal respect for elderly, young, children, rich, poor, middle class, any races and any nationality, LOVE and CARE  and so much more I cannot write all.

I can tell the same thing to any other countries in the world including my own home, Japan.


Yes, I am a person who wish we can all live in harmony together under the same roof named Earth, as United Nations of Earth.


Most of all, Fundamental part of humanity,  we all should receive equal respect, equal rights, always respect each other and care and love for each other and the Earth that will promote peace and harmony to our lives and the planet. And please, please NO WAR no matter what. War is one of the worst thing we can do as humans. It is simply mass killing event that has no care and love for each other. 100% negative and there is no positive reasons to have war.

I may sound like I am talking about such unreal dream, but I think it is really fundamental part of us.


We all live on this one planet, Earth. We all are connected. Out of billions of planets in the space, We all live together on one planet. and we all call it home. We feel pain in our heart when we see children ding other side of the world. When one major country hit economy crisis, rest of the world will be effected. We all depend on each other some way and we all support each other many ways.


I simply care about the Earth and people.  and I want all of us to be happy and have a great environment so we can live our lives to the fullest.

I want my son and our future generations to have great lives and I want our beautiful Earth to be healthy forever.




Do not compare yourself with others. Helpful hint to make your life better.

Have you had experience feeling weird or down thinking of how other people seem to be blessed to have great things and you are not? Have you felt like you are the victim of life?

I have been on my spiritual awakening path for past six years. As I am going this journey of spiritual awakening, I notice a lot of things I was doing or I am doing. Time to time, I realize myself being negative and I meditate to correct the source of it. I do not just release stress doing some fun things. I correct source of problem that lays inside of myself.

I say “Do not compare yourself with others”. When you pay close attention to it, so many people do it all the time without knowing and make themselves feel bad, start hating others, or make other side of people feel bad. That always causes trouble.  There is two different ways of people’s action regarding comparing with others. One is making themself feel miserable and the other is making others feel disrespected. Some may be both.

For example, first one’s case, It starts from childhood. I see my son ( 9 years old), he saw his friend had Ipad and the cell phone. He told me he wants them too and asked, if his friend can have them, why he can’t have them. He is comparing himself with his friends and making himself feels like he is less than his friend because he does not have Ipad or cell phone. When… He has so many amazing things in his life he has so much that his friend does not have. It always balances some way. We are all equal.  He become blind of other amazing things he has and he started only focusing on comparing himself with his friends negative way.

In common adult’s case, some people may admire others for having amazing talents, some may envy others for the beautiful appearance, I have heard someone say “I wish my parents were rich like his parents. He was born rich and he has everything. He never has to struggle financially.” and it can go on and on and on… People tend to compare themselves with others and feel bad or miserable.

Second one’s case, Many people use this comparing habit as the tool to be the victim of the life. For example, saying… “Oh it must be nice that you have a great job and great pay, My paycheck is not good and I cannot do things i want to. Oh how nice, your life must be fun and exciting, mine is not. I have so much stress and struggle.”  Now, this do not make the other person good. and actually, it is very disrespecting because this person who is saying this, do not know everything about the other person and talking like this person’s life is nothing but fun and exciting when it may not be really true.

or I have my friend said “Oh She always meet good men and I have no luck on finding a good man. I always get wrong men and end up being hurt. She is lucky.” I feel, it is not about “Luck” about the finding the good man. It is about what you really want and how you find them. She should not compare herself with her friend by simply using “Luck”.

I had someone told me something similar. when we were talking about divorce, “Oh you are lucky you and your ex-husband is doing great as friend. My divorce was very bad and I went through much more hardship than you did and still bad now.”   I felt like this person was easy looking  hardship I went through. Because of my spiritual understanding, I did not get angry at this person, but I had to let this person know not to compare that way. This person does not know how much effort I made to come to this point. That effort was extremely hard and I was in enormous pain everyday for years but I went through it and only vision I had as goal was to establish great new family friendship with my ex-husband for our son. The best for our son was to be in marriage however when I realize it was impossible to keep that way, next best thing for our son is to be able to have both of his parents close to him and show him that we all care and love each other and we are family, and we all love him, we are all there for him. and I made it happen after years of trying and struggling.  Stress killed me then, but it made me open the door to amazing spiritual journey. Now I am thankful for that hardship. Because of that hardship, I am where I am now.

I felt very funny when someone easily said “Oh you are lucky, my experience was harder than you.”  I would never tell anyone “My experience was harder than yours” nor “You are lucky”. Because I know behind every story, there are so much more than I know. I will not under-estimate what the person go through on this person’s face.

 We are all equally given some good things and hard things.

In our lives, we all go through hardship. Not matter how it seems at a moment, through out our life, everyone is given equal good and hard.

Also, important fact about this hardship is…

Hardship is NOT the negative experience.

It is amazing experience that holds the key to make your life better. I almost can say… without hardship, your life will progress slow. But with hardship, your life will fly to have much better life as long as you are able to get the correct message from the hardship. So you should not be upset going through hardship. Use it as the tool to make your life amazing. If you simply take it as negative and be the victim of life, you will never gain amazing wisdom to make your life better.

The more hardship you go through, the more your life become rich. 

It is up to you.

You have to believe and activate your ability to gain wisdom through hardship. 

So do not use your energy and precious time on comparing yourself with others, use them to gain wisdom to make your life better and enjoy the journey of amazing life.

Love yourself, Be yourself, Be proud of yourself. All the positive things will follow you!

Let me tell you Who I am… and I want you to do the same, write down who you are for yourself. Or you can even share on your Facebook or social media you are using to share about who you are.

I (or I am)…:

Love nature, Love beauty of spirituality, Love self discovery, Love earth, Love friends and family, Love my man, Love eating good food!, Love being alone sometimes, Love going out, Love ART, Love photography, Love being an artist, Love silly jokes, Love being silly, Love to laugh, Love outdoor activity, Love positive people,  Enjoy reading great books that educate me and help my life, Enjoy inspiration from good people, Not good at negative people, Not good at math, Not good at studying from text books, Not good at narrow viewed surroundings, Not good at being on the computer all day, Not good at greedy people, Not good at selfish personality, I am multi cultural, bilingual, international, immigrant from Japan, have great global view, I am a mother, Have a beautiful son, I love my little boy with all my heart and soul….

Can’t describe myself all… It is endless!

People, don’t forget your identity.

You are who you are and you should be proud of yourself for who you are no matter what others tell you good or bad.

If you have hard time loving yourself, sit down and close your eyes. Forget about physical and material world for a moment. NEVER compare yourself with others because everyone is so different, you cannot compare with each other. Everyone has their own positive and negative. Just face your soul and think of all the positive things you have and have done. If you feel like nothing is positive in yourself, you need to look deeper. The fact you are making effort to think of positive things about yourself is positive side of you.

More than anything else, Be truly truly truly HAPPY for who you are. Believe, you can really be happy about yourself without changing any material or physical world simply by practicing to see positive things about yourself. Everyone has positive side and negative side. When you are  lost and not being able to feel confidence in yourself, it is hard to see the positive things. But it can always change by having your heart strong and keep practicing to see all the positive things you have in your life.

Yes, I have been lost and have felt like I am nothing a few times in my life.

Yes, I still get lost sometimes occasionally.

It is normal. We, as humans, it is simply the flow of life. Everyone goes through some down time and feel lost.

So if you feel lost, you are not alone. Look at the person next to you, this person go through the same thing in his/her life. You just don’t know.

Practice loving yourself. It will work. Believe in your inner beauty and strength. Believe in yourself.

When you are truly happy for who you are, everything else will follow in positive way. 

Way to the happiness. You can be the happiest person today right now!

Imagine, if you have everything you need there right now.

Imagine, everything you need to give you happiness is right there with you.

Close your eyes and just imagine.

Because it is true.

We, people make ourselves