Daily Meditation or just take your time to relax can change your life!


Zen Piggy Meditating in front of Buddha in Sacred Japanese Tatami Room.

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Daily Meditation is good for you. You don’t know what is the point of meditating? Meditation helps reduce stress, helps us to focus, help us to relax that promotes various health effects and just so much more.  So how to meditate? Just sit in relax position. Don’t even have to worry about sitting on the floor like typical meditation image. Just sit down and relax. close your eyes and visualize you are in somewhere very very relaxing and makes you happy, make sure that location is somewhere nature. like, imagine you are by the beach in the tropical ocean… or you are sitting by the cliff in Grand Canyon… wherever you like! Just keep visualizing, relax, and feel the sensation just like you really are in the special location. Imagine all your stress goes away, you feel so relaxed, wind, sound, scents, everything washes your stress away. If your busy mind start distract your meditation, try to keep focusing on visualizing you are in the beautiful nature location. At least for about 10 minutes, just keep feeling your relaxation and that is the start! Practice this as often as you can. Then maybe you can go to the next step of meditation. But just doing this will bring all the benefit. The more you do, the more you will see why. Once you get it, you will not want to stop meditating. Piggy knows it. So he meditate everyday. ;)


“The future depends on what you do today.”

“The future depends on what you do today.”

“The future depends on what you do today.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

So think about your future every action you make.

Not only your future, it can be everyone’s future.

Each of us has a key to effect this world.

When you do something positive today, it will help creating positive future.

When you do something negative today, it will help creating negative future.

No one wants negative. We all need positive.

But once a while, we make mistakes, we make wrong decision to do something negative.

That’s ok.

We all need to learn to forgive ourselves also.

We all humans, we make mistakes.

Mistakes are ok as long as you learn positive lessons for our positive future.

Then your negative action turn to something positive.


“Future depends on what you do today”

What good did I do today?

Seems like much… Well, I made my son smile. I made my son feel that he is loved.
I make good meal everyday for my family so my family can be healthy and well, so my son can grow up strong and healthy. I thought about water, so I tried not to waste any water. I recycle everything I know that is recyclable. I meditate for my own peace. I am writing this blog so I can maybe spread little words to people.

and so many more little things.

and these little things will help creating our future.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Every little things we do everyday is part of our future.

So smile!

Your smile now will help creating our positive future. 🙂

We went to Arches National Park, My son sit under the giant arch, and he learned to appreciate the power and the beauty of our planet Earth. Beauty of our planet touched his heart. He loves nature. That heart will lead him to do something to help save our planet.

This is beautiful cycle of our action.

Little things we do is not LITTLE. It is beginning of BIG. 🙂

Do you say THANK YOU to the people who are close to you often enough?

Do you say THANK YOU to the people who are close to you often enough?

Do you thank someone who is closest to you often enough?

We all say “Thank you” to people in public occasions always.
We all say “Thank you” casually in casual occasions.

But do you say “Thank you” to the people who are closest to you often? Sincerely?
Not just words, do you show them that you are thankful?
So many people today tend to forget how much your closest person do things for you. Person who is closest to you do things for you everyday as almost like routeing in your life for you, so you may not see how much this person do things for you as much as you should.

Think about it, your mother, seems like everyday thing in your life, but through out your life, how much things she has done for you? Your wife/ husband, think about how she or he take care of you? As long as two people share life together, there is something that your partner do things for you. Your best friend, your sister, your brother, your co-worker, whoever that close someone is to you, as close as they are, don not forget to say “Thank you”. If not everyday, then once a while, take your moment and make a special occasion to show them that you are thankful.

You will never know how much that person can feel by your sincere thank you.

and things will always goes around and comes around. No matter how long it takes to come back to you, it will come back to you. So spread smile and positive words starting from someone who is close to you.


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
― John F. Kennedy

“Difference in our lives”, people think about this person who make a difference is to be someone who strongly inspire them someway at special occasion. But think… every person who is close to you and share your life with you makes a difference in your life. 🙂

So say THANK YOU and give a hug and kisses to someone who is close to you and have been there for you.

and Thank YOU for reading this. 🙂

It’s such busy internet based world. I appreciate that you took a moment to read this small post in your precious time.

Why we need to save water? For what? How it is going to help?

Why we need to save water? For what? How it is going to help?

I would like to introduce you the reason why we need to treasure our clean water and not to waste it. So when you use water at home, think about it, and stop running water while you wash dishes or brush your teeth just because. Run it only when you need it.
It seems like we have so much water on our planet, so people may not understand why we need to “Save” water, what’s the problem with “wasting” it?
Over 97% of the Earth’s water is salty and not drinkable (like ocean water), and of the remaining freshwater (which makes up less than 3%), only a small percentage can be used. About 70% of Earth’s freshwater is held in the icecaps and glaciers of our planet. The rest of the freshwater that remains is mostly underground (groundwater). What all of these numbers add up to is that only about 0.3% of all the water on Earth is usable! This is mostly the water from sources like rivers, streams, and lakes.
The total amount of water on Earth stays pretty constant, and the freshwater that we use is naturally replaced by The Water Cycle. However, it becomes a problem if we’re using water more quickly than it can be replaced, or if we’re polluting our freshwater supplies and making them unusable. So imagine, every household just waste water everyday by just running it for no special reasons. I know, every person, you have idea you do it sometimes. I admit, I do it too and I want to make correction in my life to protect our Earth. DO NOT THINK your clean running water from your facet will last forever because it WON’T.
There are lots of ways you and your family can contribute to saving water.

For example….
*Avoid running the dishwasher or washing machine unless it is full. Just wait until it is full. That’s all.
*Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or in between washing dish and rinse them off. Wet teeth brush or dish sponge, and turn water off. Turn water back on when you rinse your mouth or dishes. Simple!
*Get all of your leaks and drips fixed ASAP. Leak sounds annoying anyway, so why wait? Fix them now. Small drop all night all day, you will be surprise how much water you are wasting.
*If you pour a glass of water and don’t finish it, save the rest for later. It will help you have less glass to wash as well. 😉 The water won’t go bad even if it sits out. Or, pour it out into the plants in your home. Don’t just drain it.
*Don’t run shower for no reasons before you take one. Some people just let shower run forever before they step into it. Just turn shower on just before you step in.

These things, you can do everyday of your life and it is not hard to do!
Just by doing these simple things, you can save A LOT OF WATER. Saving water means saving others, saving this planet, saving our future. Don’t easy look because it is available to us everyday. We want to protect our planet and natural resource that is essential for us to live.

Do something good for our home, Earth. Don’t be selfish!! Let’s support each other, help each other, protect our planet together and build healthy living environment together for our future.

Burn incident. My personal story and What to do when you have injury from burn.

Today, I want to talk about BURNS. 

Everyday, we use household items that could cause burn injury.

The other day, I burned my leg badly by spilling hot water on my leg. 

I had prepared hot water for my tea and I put hot water in my thermos so I can enjoy hot tea when I am out.  I was hurry and careless. I did not make sure the lid of thermos was tightly closed. Then sure enough, when I got in the car, I tilted my thermos and spilled hot water on my right leg from around my knee to lower calf. Quick second, I felt sharp pain and extremely hot on my leg, I jump out the car and still so hot I realized hot water on my clothes is touching my skin and keep burning. I iced my leg immediately and since I was on my way to my important class that was all day length, I left to my class anyway with ice on my leg. As I arrived, my leg was red and I saw slight loose skin on surface. I kept icepack on my leg and spent my morning class. Lunch time, I looked at my leg, I saw blisters glowing up in huge area on my leg. In my thoughts… “Ew…(talking to myself.lol) What do I do!?” but still, my mind is to finish taking my class for the day, so I went to afternoon session of this class. By the evening, blisters grow and more numbers. I had two huge blisters at least 3inches long each and multiple small ones and dark red all on my right leg. I stayed at first ER about one hour, then they sent me to the different ER with specialist and plastic surgeon. Then I spent another 6 hours at the second ER. I had IV, shot and treatment at ER. Then I had spoken to Plastic surgeon  to see if I needed any special attention because my burn was just around my knee. Anytime burn happen, if If the burned region is larger than 3 inches, or has occurred on your face, hands, feet, groin, buttocks, or a major joint, we should have professional care. Image

I am natural thinking person and going to hospitals is my last option. So I was not planning to go to Hospital. But I did researched well about the burn and I have discussed with my friend who has medical knowledge and I showed my burn, he told me to run to ER right then. It is not about knowing how to do home treatment, but the danger of infection because of this burn because my burn was so severe. 

I might be one of the rare person who was denying to go to the hospital when my leg in such wide area was really burnt and had gian size blisters all over it. As I see my leg’s condition is worsen every minute, after I picked up my son after my class, I went home and my husband immediately took me to Hospital. Everyone’s reaction was not good. It looked so bad nurses cannot help themselves what happened to me. I do not like hospitals and I do not like chemical medicines, but when it comes to especially physical injury, hospitals can help us major way. I do have to admit it and I am glad I went. 

Many people easy look at the burns (it does not have to be major large burn like mine, but even small ones), but if it gets infected, people can lose their lives. In the United States, approximately 4% of those admitted to a burn center die from their injuries. So please do not easy look at burns. Especially, burn on small children and Elderly people. 

When burning occur, do not directly put ice on it. make sure to cool it under running water. It is said ice directly on skin can cause more complication. It is best to cool injury with running water for 10 to 15 minutes. then if burning is severe, go to the hospital. If burning seems critical, call 911. If burn is small and does not look like it is nothing major, you can stay home and after your wounds is cooled enough, put Vaseline or natural moisturizer and cover wounds with sterile gauze bandage to protect it. 

Burn can be in three major stages.

First Degree Burn : First degree is the least serious burn that Involves only the outermost layer of your skin, called your epidermis. Your skin will likely be reddened and painful. It can also be swollen.

Second Degree Burn : Involves the outermost and second layer of your skin (called your hypodermis). In this type of burn, your skin will be extremely red with a spotted or blotchy appearance, and you will probably have blisters in the area of the burn.A second-degree burn typically causes severe pain and swelling. Do NOT pop blisters as it is protecting our skin from infection. Let it pop itself.

Third Degree Burn: Involves all layers of your skin, and possibly structures that are below your skin as well. Some areas of a third-degree burn are often charred black or white. You may experience severe pain, but if a nerve has been damaged by the burn, it is possible that you will feel little to no pain. At this stage, regardless the size of your burn, it is considered serious burn and requires immediate emergency medical care.

My burn was second degree burn. However,  I had no pain once it is cooled and five days later today, I still hardly have pain. I feel completely normal except my leg looked horrible. I had burn about 1ft in length. and a few major large size blisters and dark red all around it. It is just interesting to think how bad it looks but hardly no pain. 

Every person have different burn experience and story. 

As I was searching about burns, it helped me a lot to read about many people’s personal experience of the burn. So I would like to share a little of my story and knowledge about burn injury.

Everyday, at our own home, work, anywhere we use something that can cause burn. Please do not easy look at them and be careful when you handle heat. It can be very serious. I cannot imagine my burn on my child, so especially household with small children, be careful and be aware! As common as it is, that means we need to be more careful so it can be less common. Protect ourselves and protect love ones injured from everyday house hold items! 

If there is no money in this world…

there will be no hunger, no poverty, a lot less crimes, more peace in the world, we can simply be ourselves, we can focus better to use our individual talent to help people and this world. It will also create healthier environment for our planet. 

It seems like almost impossible to create the world with no money or such thing today. People will be lost if money disappear. There will be no business like it exists now. Almost everything we do is based on money. We will not have to do anything we do for work. Whole school system will be changed. (now school is more focusing on educating children to have basic knowledge in our society and to work), There will be no technology war like now. Life may seem inconvenient without money. 
But… It still may be better without money for our future. 
Money centered human society came too far and it keeps going further and further where today it is hurting not only human community, it is hurting whole planet. Global warming, Animal extinction crisis, serious pollution, radiation problems, producing enormous amount of waste, using up all precious natural resources… and just so much more.

We are straight on our way to destroy this world.

We need to wake up now and take this seriously. I am sad when I talk about this kind of matter, people look at me funny.

Most of people close their eyes and act like there is no such thing as global warming.

Most of people think animal extinction has nothing to do with them.

Yes, every single person has something to do with animal extinction, global warming, pollution and all that environmental problems. People are too busy working and focusing on money, materials, career and surviving in our human box society. Most of people are too busy working not to spend enough time with and pay full attention to their own children.

Only if every single person can be aware about this global problem that is destroying our planet(our life source, our future) and focus more on to take care of our home(our planet) and our children. Only if everyone can see most important thing is to focus on taking care of children and our home, our environment, this beautiful planet..