How to be motivated and make your motivation last

Often, we all encounter problems where we feel discouraged. This kind of problem tend to lead us being stuck on bad situation for a while until we figure out how to get out there. During this kind of hard time, we feel tired, we feel less motivated, we lose energy to try hard and cause all kinds of negative cycle of life.

Even you try to motivate yourself or something you see makes you motivated for a little bit, but get back to the same cycle of losing motivation. 

How can we motivate ourselves? How can we make our motivation last?



 Secret of your motivation is staying true to yourself and not to be affected by outside source.


Oh yes, it is so easy to say it, but so hard to do it.

so  many people must heard something like this but so many people totally miss understand about this idea. Even after people hear about “Be true to yourself!” “Don’t worry about what is around you(Outside source), just focus on yourself!” kind of words, most of people still think based on what is surrounding them.

It means, we are too much focused on outside world and disconnected from our true self.

Here is example…

Aren’t you familiar of this?

“I want to focus on my career! I want to be very successful and make good money.”

Have you felt the same way before? Have you seen anyone who has said that before?

I am so familiar with this because I was that way once and I have plenty of my friends who thinks this way right now. There is nothing wrong with it off course. But so many people have hard time staying motivated or staying focused. When you suck in the problem, then think about it, it is the time to connect to yourself. Talk to yourself. Answer is within yourself. Listen to your subtle voice. Listen to your heart. Feel this subtle and fast message your heart tell you.

“Do I really want to focus on my career? Building my career on this subject(whatever you are focusing on) is really what I want? What do I want as a result of achieving “success”? Is this result the thing I really want?”

Ask yourself. Take your time and be all alone face to face with yourself. 

Most of people often misunderstand what they think they really want for their life is not coming from themselves. It is coming from outside source such as materials, social status and financial reward. If you say “I want to make lots of money” it is outside source. If you say “I want to be an business owner so people will respect me and I can make more money than most of people”, that is outside source. If you say “I want to buy my dream cars and homes!”, that is outside source. So outside source can make you motivated for a little bit but this motivation never be strong enough to keep you going.


It has to come from within yourself. 


So how to find my true motivation? 

You have to ask yourself. It may take time and practice because most of people lost touch with ourselves and we don’t even know how to listen to our own subtle message. But you can keep trying. Never give up. Keep trying. Don’t need to be stressed. It is just circle of life and just a process of finding yourself. It is the process anyone has to go through.

But just know, make sure do not listen to outside source, listen to yourself.


Forget about materials and money. It is all about your soul. It is all about your spirit.

What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? What touches your heart?


It all counts. Connect the dots of keys you find. Keep trying because you WILL find your true self and answer you have been looking for all your life. When you are more sensitive to your own subtle voice from your soul and find what you truly crave in  your life, then your true motivation that comes from your true self appears all of the sudden and this motivations is so powerful! All of the sudden you feel so happy and your heart start to dance. 🙂

Difference of motivation from outside source and inner self is…, outside source motivation won’t make you happy and heart dance or even it feels like it did for a moment, it won’t last. SImply because it is coming from outside. You won’t get this true happiness and your heart dance kind of feeling until you get what you want in outside world. Even you get what you want in outside world, very soon you are not happy again and you go back to the same painful circle. But motivation from inner self, is opposite story. You are happy just by finding your own voice. You don’t have to try to motivate yourself because it all comes out naturally. It makes you happy even you don’t have any material items of outside world. It will keep motivating you and keep making you happy and your soul is filled with light. and you can keep going regardless what is going on around you. 


Your inner self world will reflect your outside world. 

But the outside world will never reflect your true soul. It might invade your mind for a little bit but it will never reflect your true soul.


So work on building strong connection to your self. The more you keep practicing, you will get it.

I myself still practicing. All the highly spiritual people are the same.

But we all know the importance of being connected to your true self. 


Stay in touch with your soul, stay motivated and stay happy!!