Every children has possibilities to become Future Presidents.

Here is original video of our project, Future Presidents that involves teen Star Zendaya Coleman, Presiden Jimmy Carter, Celebrity Children and beautiful diverse children from all around America.

We are here just trying to make it happen.

Only 4 more days left until end of our project campaign! Once this campaign ended, there are no more free video offers, Kickstarter Polaroid images from the locations to you, amazing packages of Kickstarter only rewards and much more.

This project can be huge and we want more people to be part of us and help us inspiring people around the world. Zendaya joined us. President Jimmy carter supported us. So many beautiful families Support us.

We will donate to Spina Bifida foundation once this book is published also. Supporting children with disability.

Starting from now, let’s begin doing something positive for our children, for our future. Stop being too busy for youself. Save your energy and attention for our children. Anything positive we do for others, it will come to us in positive way.

I believe in this project and only 4 days left on our campaign, I will not give up and I believe in our possibilities just as I believe in our children’s unlimited possibilities.

Future Presidents by Matthew Jordan Smith



Blog post for Future Presidents!

I love seeing others posting about our project. 

When people talk about you, it is much stronger than you talk about youself.


Guest Post: Future Presidents: An Invitation to Parents to Help Their Children Make History  (Link to the actual Post: http://teachersfl.wordpress.com/)

Future Presidents: An Invitation to Parents to Help Their Children Make History

Every now and then a great project comes along that’s so family oriented people can’t help but get involved. One of the country’s leading commercial photographers, Matthew Jordan Smith is leading the way with Future Presidents, a project to capture the goals and aspirations of children from each state in the nation.

The best part of this project is the excitement of the children and hearing their goals and aspirations.-Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

If there was a way to help children be part of a history making project, wouldn’t every parent want to know about it? Welcome to Future Presidents, a project that brings Disney’s Zendaya Coleman and President Jimmy Carter together with thousands of families across the United States.

Children across the country are getting involved in the Future Presidents Project. Acclaimed photographer Matthew Jordan Smith is interviewing and photographing kids in each state asking them to weigh in on Presidential issues, and what they would do as President themselves. Their answers are inspiring, humorous and give an interesting perspective on their view of the world.

Scheduled to be released at the end of this year, the book will be an intriguing read and window to the thoughts of the future leaders of our country. The book includes an introduction by Zendaya and an incredibly powerful quote by President Jimmy Carter written exclusively for the book, Future Presidents.

“The kids I’ve met in this project are truly inspiring,” Smith says, “and it’s been humbling to hear the stories of their families and their hopes for America.”

Smith is searching each state for families to photograph for the project. He makes the kids feel like stars, something his career as a photographer includes, having worked with Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Vanessa Williams and Zendaya, just to name a few. In many of the interviews, he involves parents and grandparents (many of whom are immigrants to the U.S.) who also share their hopes for their children and the country. Smith has just 18 states left to finish, and has a Kickstarter page to help complete the project.

“Americans have been overwhelmingly supportive and I’ve heard so many wonderful stories, I wish I could include many more in the book,” Smith says, “That’s why we’ve created the opportunity for all children to share their stories via the Internet.”

How People Contribute: Parents can simply use a poster board to express their children’s dreams to be President, and photograph them holding the poster. No need to be a professional photographer– a camera phone is adequate (tip: lots of light will make the writing easier to read). Then they need to share the pictures on the project’s Facebook page or on Pinterest using the hashtag #FuturePres/

The accumulated online images will be a powerful testimonial to the growing generation. Each day, Smith will feature the most powerful image as the Facebook cover page.

Ever since he was a twelve year old, Matthew Jordan Smith’s passion has been telling stories with photographs. He is now one of the most sought after commercial photographers in the world. The Future Presidents Project will be his third book, along with Sepia Dreams,: A celebration of Black Achievement Through Word and Images, and Lost and Found (The Microsoft Mission Series.)

Our creativity and kickstarter to make your project possible.

Our creativity and kickstarter to make your project possible.

As an Artist, Art is an amzing tool to express ourselves and show and tell world who we are.

We can use art to simply express ourselves.
We can use art to send messages to peaople.
We can use art to inspire others.

As an Artist, you can create anything you want to create and it is totally up to you what to do with your creation.

I am an Artist who is passionate with Beauty of Nature and beauty of our spirituality. I am with someone who is a passionate Photographer. Combine both me and him, we are both creatives and artist, we created this project called “Future President”. Some of you may know as we’ve been promoting this a lot last one month.
It is all bout positive messages for our nation, for our future.

Please visit our project page: http://www.KickstarterPresidents.com

As we work on this project, yes, it costs money to create things. I know many artists feel the same way. We want to create this but it costs too much! We want to do this project but there is no way we can fund this on our own… I know exactly how you feel! but do you know this website called Kickstarter? also there are more sites called “Crowd funding”. This is what we are doing now to make our project possible. If you are creative artist, you might encounter similar wall. so even more so, please visit our project page and get to know what it is. and if you feel inspired, you can support us. If not, that is ok, get to know this website. You may need to try Kickstarter for your own project.

As we are Artists, I hope making of this project can encourage other artists to create their creative projects to inspire our future also.

Who will be our first Madame President?

Who will be our first Native American President?

Who wil be our first Asian American President?

Who will be our first Hispanic American President?

Inspire them today! Zendaya for President 2052!

Pledge to support today. It’s our future: http://www.KickstarterPresidents.com

Be a Part of Matthew Jordan Smith’s Future Presidents

Be a Part of Matthew Jordan Smith’s Future Presidents.


Have you checked Blog posting by Profoto? If you are not a photographer, ymay not not be familiar to Profoto, it is major lighting company in the U.S. Profoto has been supporting our project, Future Presidents so much. Last Friday, they blogged about our project. Please click link above tcase their posting!

Thank you, for supporting us and helping us to give our Future Presidents major possibilities to dream big. They are right now waiting for all of inspire inspire them. Thank you, Profoto you are our team just like all the supporters on Kickstarter!


Future President, Talen

Future President, Talen

One more week left on our campaign! I have this cuuuuuuuuuuute boy, Talen, as our little presidents! While we were having meeting… he was everywhere.lol I remember I could not help myself keep photographing him as he moves everywhere around our seat. He was too little to speak but he was sure not too little to play with cell phones!(Technology kids!) and the way he holds and get on the phone, he was just like president! No matter which president, EVERY PRESIDENT has their childhood just like Talen. Every president used to be a child and being playful filled with curiosity and ambition. Something to make everyone smile and warm their heart for the weekend! 🙂 My personal page special behind the scene of Future Presidents! 😉

Support Talen to be the Future Presidents!

Using your creativity to inspire the world

OH WOW!  I always feel that Time fly by so fast.

I need to take every moment of my life as a precious moment. and I can say the same thing to everyone.

We all say “Make every moment count, live life to the fullest!” all the time. You can see it on everyone’s post on Facebook and Twitter… everywhere. But.. how many people actually put it in your life? Not many. Everyone end up being busy forgetting to appreciate every moment. Including myself. ( I cannot lie about that!)

But at least… I have been spending my time working hard on the project to bring something positive to our nation recently. and this project is empowered by Dancing with the Stars, Disney show “Shake it up” teen star, ZENDAYA COLEMAN and PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER and more!

Yes, we are serious and making this project as big as it can be.


 “Future Presidents”


This is the name of my project that I have been working on for over a year now. It is all about Our Future, Beauty of America, and children from all over America. My partner, my fiance, Matthew Jordan Smith as my leader, we’ve been working on this project to inspire American families and children who holds our future.  It has been a quiet journey!  What is this project about? You can click here to see all about it. We’ve been photographing diversed children from all over America between ages of Unborn baby to 15 years old asking them “What would you do if you were president?”. Each child from different background and shot in different locations.

Children are so pure and beautiful. 

I am saying this with all my heart because I myself have a child. I see him grow everyday every step of his life. I see children as the most precious things human being can have. I am not doing this just for common sense, I am working on this project with my personal passion.


Children holds our future. 

They are our future work force,

They can be our future presidents!


Yes, it is common to work on this kind of subject at schools. But this is not school work that only stays in school and home. We want to take the faces of children and voices of children to the world. We’ve shot just over 50 children going around 30 states. We have 20 more states to go and more children to photograph. We are doing our best to finish this project asap as our future presidents are waiting for us to take them to the world. 🙂 It has been quiet inspiring to us. We wanted to inspire parents, families and children through this book but we have been inspired by them! and we know they will inspire every person with a heart too.


I would love to share personal and behind the scene stories of this project in my upcoming blogs!


Creativity comes from our heart.

Our heart wanted to do something positive in the world that led us to start this project.

It is nothing like using our own creativity to create something no one have created before.

Now Children whom we’ve photographed has been our motivation to keep going.

and our creative circle will keep going.!



Please visit our project page and support our future presidents and be part of our team!




Interesting incidents this weekend… Seat Belt and Stingray

I had such a full weekend filled with fun and friendship.
It was just great weekend and weather was just like hot summer days.
At the same time, interesting incidents happened also!
But both incidents, I can say someone can feel related or people can be mindful in the future.

Friday, my friend invited me to the BBQ at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County, CA.
It was very HOT day and perfect day at the Beach.
Good food, Good friends, Beautiful Sun, at the sunny beach in California.
One of my friend took my son to jump in the ocean.
My son was so happy, he went in water and enjoy playing in water in shallow area.
I was watching them from the distance and I saw them they were having great time.

After a little while, my son come back. Little behind him, my friend was walking toward us funny way. Looked like he was in pain.
We asked him what happened.

He replied, “Something stung me…” in pain.
We immediately thought about the Jelly fish, we felt like that is something we hear in common. He said he did not see anything but he got stung on his foot. He said it is very painful. I felt bad, this incident happened when he took my son to the ocean. My son was fine.
I went to Life Guard asked for help.
They easily said…

“Oh that must be Stingray. You can go to the headquater and soak his foot in Hot water.”

They said it like it is nothing. So somewhat, I felt better that it is nothing major, but I was surprised that people can get stung by stingray this easy at the shallow populated beach.

When I took my friend to the headquarter, we were stunned.

SOOOO MANY POEPLE soaking their foot in hot water!

I could not help myself asking the person works at the headquarter how many people get stung by stingray everyday. She said “Oh, maybe 80 to 90 people a day, maybe on the weekend.”

WOW! That is many people! That means that is how many stingrays are right there where people swim. and There were NO signs about the stingray anywhere!

My friend was in BIG pain, he was bleeding, he was swollen. If he was allergic to venom, it could be serious. I think there should be the major sign warning about stingray at this beach, or any beach where many people get stung by stingray everyday! It was funny there were sign everywhere that says “No Alcohol” but there was no sign says “Be aware of Stingray”

This beach was “Bolsa Chica State Beach” in OC, California.
I am not sure how common it was, but it was new to me and I was suprised how many people get stung by it. So everyone, please be careful!!

Other incident that happened this weekend was…

My son and his seat belt.

I was driving to the gas station and all of the sudden my son, in the backseat, started to scream calling for help. I looked back, he was tearing in fear. I could not see what was so wrong. I asked him what happened. He said

“Seat belt!! Seat belt is so tight on me and I cannot loosen my seat belt!!”

He was panicked and deep in his fear.

I told him to calm down and I pulled over to look at what was wrong.

I looked at him…. His seat belt was buckled off, he said he buckle himself off when he realize he was stuck and he wanted to release himself.

He is still panicked and crying and screaming. I had to tell him so many times to calm down and stop crying, not to worry.

I looked at it closely. His seat belt was unbuckled but he is still stuck. Looked like the seat belt was wrapped around his waist and it looked very tight.

He was screaming “It hurts It hurts!! Please help me!!”

I am very calm and I hardly panic. But it is painful to see my son screaming.
I was doing my best to figure out how I could release him and I had no idea how. I cannot describe it, seat belt was tightly wrapped around his waist and it seat belt was totally locked. I tried to loosend seat belt by pushing back (that means I had to make it even tighter for my son), but seat belt just tightened and it did not loosen. It was totally locked! My son screamed even more because it got tighter. I called AAA but since it was child regarding emergency, they called police and fire department.

Oh wow, how this incident seemed to be big deal.

I hear siren and immediately two police cars and two fire trucks arrive surrounding us.

What a crazy moment…(I have never had this experience…)

Police man who first arrive at the scene tried to figure out how he could release my son, but he could not figure out. Soon Firemen looked at it and tried figure out, but they did not know what to do but cutting seat belt.
I told them to cut it so my son can be released.


My son was freed! (I wish I could show everyone how he looked at that moment!)

Oh Thank these fire men for releasing my son… I know seat belt only cut by special tool…

After a moment, Yes, I thought about the cost of repairing..lol But I was so happy my son was ok. It was kind of silly, I knew, my son must be playing around with seat belt in the backseat some how he made himself wrapped in the seat belt, and some how seat belt tightly locked and it did not loosen.

Police suggested me to go to the dealer to report this incident. It could be car malfunction.
I went by the dealer today and I did so.

Yes, all the parent(s), If I experience this, or if I see my son playing with his seat belt, I know many of parents must seen their children doing the same.
I always tell him not to play with it and I guess he still did. Now he got good lesson but it cost us to call police and fire department. and seat belt repair. (Most likely dealer will pay for it)

Parents, please make sure strongly tell your children not to mess with seat belt. Always wear seat belt properly, always sit straight. Not only for in case of car accident, unexpected things can be happened any time!!

Those two were main unusual incident that happened this weekend.

Safety is the best! Off course, no one can prevent every incident, but at least we can minimize the incident by being aware and extra careful about it.

Great lesson I got this weekend!