Zendaya Coleman is Madame President

Zendaya Coleman is Madame President

Yes, she is the star on Dancing With The Stars right now. She is the star on Disney Channel hit show, Shake It Up. Rocky!

We Just added a limited edition print of Zendaya to http://www.KickstarterPresidents.com and the first one went in 3 seconds! If you pledge only $35, you will get a digital book of Future Presidents and

Limited edition print of Zendaya!

Nowhere else you can get this print. our Future Presidents project exclusive. So if you love Zendaya, this is the ONLY CHANCE to get this offer!! Limited to 25 prints only. You don’t want to miss it! 🙂

She is Zendaya Coleman, amazing 16 years old girl from California. Who doesn’t adore her? She is just so amazing, adorable, beautiful and talented!! Yes, As I have mentioned, she is one our Future President! Maybe she will inspire first female president when our book project, “Future Presidents” comes out to the world. She wrote forward for this project. What a amazing girl to have closely on our project. She is our friend, she is our star. In person? Yes, she is just amazing as you see her on TV.
Who knows what this project will take us to? It may grow so big where you will be so proud that you are part of this project by supporting us. and first of all, that is what we want and we will do all we can do to make it happen and make every supporter proud!

Zendaya for our Future President! 😉 Do you vote for her on Dancing With The Stars? Vote for her on our Future President Kickstarter Campaign! 😉


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