Art! Working on my new work. :) We all are creating something everyday.

Earth Goddess Collection


Simply having good time working on my new panel.
It feels great to follow my heart and do what I love.
Create whatever I want and feel great about myself.

It can be said to anything, not only art. “Create” is not only for art. We all are creating something all the time none stop. We create relationships, we create work environment, we create comfortable home, we create great meal… and so on. It can be any form of creation.

Just follow your heart, create what your heart and soul desire!

Everything else will follow!

My wood panel I am working on now, is the very beautiful and special piece for me and all the mothers. Pure beauty of feminine kind energy.

I just finished the base drawing! 🙂
So you too, create something, anything, just for your life.
Forget about what others want you to create, just follow your soul and heart, that will be the best thing you can create in your life.






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