Interesting incidents this weekend… Seat Belt and Stingray

I had such a full weekend filled with fun and friendship.
It was just great weekend and weather was just like hot summer days.
At the same time, interesting incidents happened also!
But both incidents, I can say someone can feel related or people can be mindful in the future.

Friday, my friend invited me to the BBQ at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County, CA.
It was very HOT day and perfect day at the Beach.
Good food, Good friends, Beautiful Sun, at the sunny beach in California.
One of my friend took my son to jump in the ocean.
My son was so happy, he went in water and enjoy playing in water in shallow area.
I was watching them from the distance and I saw them they were having great time.

After a little while, my son come back. Little behind him, my friend was walking toward us funny way. Looked like he was in pain.
We asked him what happened.

He replied, “Something stung me…” in pain.
We immediately thought about the Jelly fish, we felt like that is something we hear in common. He said he did not see anything but he got stung on his foot. He said it is very painful. I felt bad, this incident happened when he took my son to the ocean. My son was fine.
I went to Life Guard asked for help.
They easily said…

“Oh that must be Stingray. You can go to the headquater and soak his foot in Hot water.”

They said it like it is nothing. So somewhat, I felt better that it is nothing major, but I was surprised that people can get stung by stingray this easy at the shallow populated beach.

When I took my friend to the headquarter, we were stunned.

SOOOO MANY POEPLE soaking their foot in hot water!

I could not help myself asking the person works at the headquarter how many people get stung by stingray everyday. She said “Oh, maybe 80 to 90 people a day, maybe on the weekend.”

WOW! That is many people! That means that is how many stingrays are right there where people swim. and There were NO signs about the stingray anywhere!

My friend was in BIG pain, he was bleeding, he was swollen. If he was allergic to venom, it could be serious. I think there should be the major sign warning about stingray at this beach, or any beach where many people get stung by stingray everyday! It was funny there were sign everywhere that says “No Alcohol” but there was no sign says “Be aware of Stingray”

This beach was “Bolsa Chica State Beach” in OC, California.
I am not sure how common it was, but it was new to me and I was suprised how many people get stung by it. So everyone, please be careful!!

Other incident that happened this weekend was…

My son and his seat belt.

I was driving to the gas station and all of the sudden my son, in the backseat, started to scream calling for help. I looked back, he was tearing in fear. I could not see what was so wrong. I asked him what happened. He said

“Seat belt!! Seat belt is so tight on me and I cannot loosen my seat belt!!”

He was panicked and deep in his fear.

I told him to calm down and I pulled over to look at what was wrong.

I looked at him…. His seat belt was buckled off, he said he buckle himself off when he realize he was stuck and he wanted to release himself.

He is still panicked and crying and screaming. I had to tell him so many times to calm down and stop crying, not to worry.

I looked at it closely. His seat belt was unbuckled but he is still stuck. Looked like the seat belt was wrapped around his waist and it looked very tight.

He was screaming “It hurts It hurts!! Please help me!!”

I am very calm and I hardly panic. But it is painful to see my son screaming.
I was doing my best to figure out how I could release him and I had no idea how. I cannot describe it, seat belt was tightly wrapped around his waist and it seat belt was totally locked. I tried to loosend seat belt by pushing back (that means I had to make it even tighter for my son), but seat belt just tightened and it did not loosen. It was totally locked! My son screamed even more because it got tighter. I called AAA but since it was child regarding emergency, they called police and fire department.

Oh wow, how this incident seemed to be big deal.

I hear siren and immediately two police cars and two fire trucks arrive surrounding us.

What a crazy moment…(I have never had this experience…)

Police man who first arrive at the scene tried to figure out how he could release my son, but he could not figure out. Soon Firemen looked at it and tried figure out, but they did not know what to do but cutting seat belt.
I told them to cut it so my son can be released.


My son was freed! (I wish I could show everyone how he looked at that moment!)

Oh Thank these fire men for releasing my son… I know seat belt only cut by special tool…

After a moment, Yes, I thought about the cost of But I was so happy my son was ok. It was kind of silly, I knew, my son must be playing around with seat belt in the backseat some how he made himself wrapped in the seat belt, and some how seat belt tightly locked and it did not loosen.

Police suggested me to go to the dealer to report this incident. It could be car malfunction.
I went by the dealer today and I did so.

Yes, all the parent(s), If I experience this, or if I see my son playing with his seat belt, I know many of parents must seen their children doing the same.
I always tell him not to play with it and I guess he still did. Now he got good lesson but it cost us to call police and fire department. and seat belt repair. (Most likely dealer will pay for it)

Parents, please make sure strongly tell your children not to mess with seat belt. Always wear seat belt properly, always sit straight. Not only for in case of car accident, unexpected things can be happened any time!!

Those two were main unusual incident that happened this weekend.

Safety is the best! Off course, no one can prevent every incident, but at least we can minimize the incident by being aware and extra careful about it.

Great lesson I got this weekend!


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