Love yourself, Be yourself, Be proud of yourself. All the positive things will follow you!

Let me tell you Who I am… and I want you to do the same, write down who you are for yourself. Or you can even share on your Facebook or social media you are using to share about who you are.

I (or I am)…:

Love nature, Love beauty of spirituality, Love self discovery, Love earth, Love friends and family, Love my man, Love eating good food!, Love being alone sometimes, Love going out, Love ART, Love photography, Love being an artist, Love silly jokes, Love being silly, Love to laugh, Love outdoor activity, Love positive people,  Enjoy reading great books that educate me and help my life, Enjoy inspiration from good people, Not good at negative people, Not good at math, Not good at studying from text books, Not good at narrow viewed surroundings, Not good at being on the computer all day, Not good at greedy people, Not good at selfish personality, I am multi cultural, bilingual, international, immigrant from Japan, have great global view, I am a mother, Have a beautiful son, I love my little boy with all my heart and soul….

Can’t describe myself all… It is endless!

People, don’t forget your identity.

You are who you are and you should be proud of yourself for who you are no matter what others tell you good or bad.

If you have hard time loving yourself, sit down and close your eyes. Forget about physical and material world for a moment. NEVER compare yourself with others because everyone is so different, you cannot compare with each other. Everyone has their own positive and negative. Just face your soul and think of all the positive things you have and have done. If you feel like nothing is positive in yourself, you need to look deeper. The fact you are making effort to think of positive things about yourself is positive side of you.

More than anything else, Be truly truly truly HAPPY for who you are. Believe, you can really be happy about yourself without changing any material or physical world simply by practicing to see positive things about yourself. Everyone has positive side and negative side. When you are  lost and not being able to feel confidence in yourself, it is hard to see the positive things. But it can always change by having your heart strong and keep practicing to see all the positive things you have in your life.

Yes, I have been lost and have felt like I am nothing a few times in my life.

Yes, I still get lost sometimes occasionally.

It is normal. We, as humans, it is simply the flow of life. Everyone goes through some down time and feel lost.

So if you feel lost, you are not alone. Look at the person next to you, this person go through the same thing in his/her life. You just don’t know.

Practice loving yourself. It will work. Believe in your inner beauty and strength. Believe in yourself.

When you are truly happy for who you are, everything else will follow in positive way. 


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